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The owner-managed Marketing Verbund based in Langenfeld/Rheinland has been working successfully at the German market for ten years now. It has set benchmarks e.g. with the development of the “ZielgruppenScout”; a planning and steering software for direct marketing activities. In addition, the Marketing Verbund is capable of handling the complexity of the active market creation. This ability is essential, because in turbulent times like these, markets don’t just exist; markets need to be actively created. The Marketing Verbund delivers individual concepts directly onto the market and to the end customers through coordinated engagement of its specialists, starting with strategy development, target group profiling up to media creation culminating in channel selection.

The owner-operated Marketing Verbund is not a loose network, but rather an efficiently positioned company group consisting of five implementing sectors. The intelligent and tight network of the different services of the marketintelligence GmbH, dialogmarketingdirekt GmbH, Stuewe Management Consulting GmbH and Verteilservice Deutschland GmbH enables the Marketing Verbund to handle entire projects from concept, planning up to its implementation. According to this, the Marketing Verbund offers an extensive portfolio of integrated services and consultancy in the fields of strategy, marketing, sales, IT, e-commerce and geo-marketing.

Ten years ago the entrepreneurs Karl-Heinz Hopbach, Frank Kuchenbecker and Dr. Björn Stüwe have set the fundament for today’s economic activity of the Marketing Verbund. They have quickly discovered the promising combination of their fields of competence; thenceforth they decided to work together in a long-term collaboration after having successfully accomplished several projects. Since then, Karl-Heinz Hopbachs and Frank Kuchenbeckers practical experience in terms of print production, geo-marketing, customer analysis and logistics associates with the theoretical knowledge of Dr. Björn Stüwe, which he has gained during his long-time consulting activity.
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Since the formation of the Marketing Verbund, Karl-Heinz Hopbach, Frank Kuchenbecker und Dr. Björn Stüwe are leading the steadily developing group with passion and a strong personal engagement. Vital factors for this successful development are very good business knowledge of the market, innovative spirit, excellent grasp of trends and above all distinctive customer orientation. The synergy between these different fields of experience provides the Marketing Verbund the required flexibility to meet every individual customer requests.

In 2006 the owner-managers of the four companies marketintelligence GmbH, dialogmarketingdirekt GmbH, Stuewe Management Consulting GmbH and Verteilservice Deutschland GmbH join forces and merge to the marketingverbund Gruppe GmbH; a holding company that takes care of the administrative tasks for the Marketing Verbund.

The marketingverbund Vertriebs-GmbH came into existence for sales intention at the same time. Business of this integrated sales entity is customer acquisition as well as the support and the individual combination of the Marketing Verbund services, always according to the customer’s request. Manager of this section is Detlef K. Kiwitt; the former head of marketing at Strauss Innovation Group.

Up to date, 140 employees work for the Marketing Verbund and the company expands targeted in direction of integrated multi-channeling.
(Updated March 2010)

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