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Sampling in the bathroom –
Unison of the unexpected!
New and hot off the bookshelf: The third edition of the book series „Bathroom Inspiration“ titled „Sampling in the bathroom“ by Dr. Björn Stuewe, Michael Hoffman and Michael Schreiber has just been published. Sampling describes the interaction of objects that not necessarily belong together. They make sense in the selected combination, when the design is identified and understood as a new unit. On more than 220 pages high-quality illustrations and photographs of innovative practice examples on sampling in the bathroom are presented. Get inspired and learn e.g. what the „Entwaffnungszone” is all about.


Have a look behind the scenes of consumption
Dr. Alexandra Wöllenstein, manager of the department for Strategy and Conception of the Stuewe Management Consulting GmbH, publishes another article about marketing for mail-order selling. The article deals with the results of the study “Kaufmotive im Versandhandel” (Buying Motives in Mail-Order Selling). The article will be published in the second extended edition of the book series “Versandhandelsmarketing – Marktorientiertes Management einer Wachstumsbranche” (Mail-Order Selling – Market-Orientated Management of a Growth Sector) released by Dr. Roland Mattmüller.


Step on the gas when everyone else puts on the brakes!
Especially in times of crisis, it is important to take advantage of opportunities quickly and consistently! Crippled competition and increasing consumer attentiveness leave room for a direct and efficient consumer impact. The current numbers from the GfK prove that the consumer climate, despite a tense market environment - even if at a low level - remains stable. The majority of consumers are by no means falling into a consumption freeze. Companies who trade and operate now with active and efficient marketing will be the winners of the crisis.


Are we afraid?

More and even more bad news from the crisis environment is creating insecurity, worry, and fear in the markets. However: Fear is a terrible advisor! When it comes to companies, no matter the circumstances at hand, important investments are being postponed; when it comes to consumers, purchasing blocks threaten the danger of diminishing trust and an increasing state of disorientation. These are challenges that companies with intelligent and creative marketing solutions have to meet in order to secure valuable market segments and sharpen their own profile in the market.

Space Marathon runner of
consumer culture

Marketing Verbund launches a new interactive microsite, focusing on the core topic ‘items with soul’, so called classical products that have been accompanying our lives for decades. The microsite’s content is based on the book “Produktklassiker – Quintessenzen der Konsumkultur” (“Classical Products – the Quintessence / the Bottom Line of Consumer Culture), written by Dr. Björn Stüwe, one of the managing partners of the Marketing Verbund. This book brings in a charming and witty way 30 durable products into focus.


Change is constant.

If everything should stay the way it is, then a lot will have to change! This is a truth that is undisputed in today’s dynamic, complex, and uncertain markets. Political structures, economies, target audiences, and social values are in a state of rapid change. For that reason, a single strategy for success is no longer the decisive factor, but rather thinking across many scenarios is needed. The ability of management to meet these changes openly and logically will be the pivotal factor today between success and failure.


A danger foreseen is half avoided!

The recognition of risks and an immediate, appropriate reaction are developing into an important competitive advantage in today’s markets. The globalization of markets, as well as advanced decentralization in manufacturing, have both caused risk potentials to increase. Modern corporate leadership and up-to-date marketing are, therefore, distinguished by direct and tightly interconnected business and analytical processes as a part of market risk prevention. Only then can we say: A danger foreseen is half avoided!

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