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Our approach: From strategy to geomarketingSpace

analysis and data-management  
strategy and conception   Strategic Consulting and Conception
creation and design   Creation and Design
production   Production and
Marketing Verbund offers integrated sales and marketing solutions through the coordinated efforts of its specialists.

Analysis and Data Management
We offer you innovative methods of empirical marketing analysis through competitive and location analysis by means of market classification and segmenting. Our analyses, however, do not apply only to the external market - in-house fields of analysis such as the evaluation of sales systems or brand analyses are processed by us and the analytical results are combined with external market potential.

Strategic Consulting and Conception
Marketing Verbund makes use of established conceptual knowledge and wide-ranging practical expertise in strategic development and creation of operative concepts. The spectrum of consultation offered includes the development of a market position through profiling strategies and location concepts, geomarketing strategies, and customer value-controlled sales structures.
Special industrial areas of expertise

Retail trade, mail order, consumer goods industry, telecommunications, fashion industry, logistics, transportation and distribution, furniture, heating and sanitary, tourism, automobile industry and energy generation.
Creation and DesignSpace
The competence of Marketing Verbund does not only apply to analysis and strategic development - Marketing Verbund distinguishes itself far more by its combination of analysis and creativity. Accordingly, the strategies and operative concepts developed are also implemented through creation and design on a multimedia basis. In accordance with your strategy, we provide e.g. brand engineering, individual advertising media, or multi-stage campaigns.

Production and Application
After the directed creation and systematic design of communication media, we bring these to the market. By thorough logistical and technological implementation of the developed marketing strategies and geomarketing concepts, we achieve measurable results. Within the framework of application, Marketing Verbund also offers marketing logistics services (e.g. lettershop) as well as innovative technological solutions (e.g. online communities).

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